Free Agents for TNA
December 21, 2006 by Jose Brocero

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OK, so let me introduce myself. My name is Jose Brocero. I am a 13 year old kid that has been a fan of wrestling since I was 4. This is my first ever column here in OWW. I keep up with all of the backstage news and I can almost predict everything WWE can dish out. But then TNA came out and they started giving out decent storylines, stipulations, and even innovative matches. Very impressive to me, but even with all these people that claim that they are TNA fans through and through, their highest rating ever was a 1.2 when Ron Killings took on Monty Brown in the main event. This doesn't even compare to the ratings of the second hand shows of WWE and it saddens me. Monty isn't even in the company anymore and Killings wants to leave. But on the other hand, there are many free agents that are out there that TNA can swipe up and keep the viewers interested. Here they are.

Ultimo Dragon - This guy is currently doing nothing important in any big companies. This would be a great addition to the TNA roster and more importantly the X-Division. The X-Division hasn't been as great as it usually is with the X-title volleying from Senshi to Sabin to Styles to Daniels. Ultimo Dragon can bring back some spice to this division and that's exactly what it needs.

Psicosis - He was recently releases by the WWE and now he can finally come back to TNA and go where he shines, the X-Division. WWE didn't really let him do much. Most good things were don't by his tag partner, Super Crazy. He can do what everybody knows that he is capable of, high-flying.

Kid Kash - Sure he wasn't great the first time around in TNA for him, but he can go back and improve his attitude backstage and become a threat in the X-Division again. Maybe team him up with Abyss again and they can become contenders to the tag titles. He is great both ways.

Juventud Guerrera - Just like Psicosis, except getting more shine in WWE. If signing Psicosis as well, they can reform the Mexicools and stick it to the WWE. Of course he would be good in the X-Division also.

Tajiri - Unlike many of the people his size, he was given more than one title. He was also given opportunities at more titles and main events as well. If he was good enough for the WWE to use him that well, then why shouldn't TNA use him well also.

The Heart Throbs - Horrible in WWE, but can improve in TNA with tag title shots.

Dustin Rhodes - He was in TNA before and was put to good use then. He then went to WWE and was put in some stupid tag team thing with other "freaks," Snitsky and Eugene. Go back to TNA and I hear World Title shots.

The "extreme" bunch - These guys were brought into WWE to reform ECW but were quickly released. They are Justin Credible, Danny Doring, and Francine. All originals and all rejected sadly. But TNA can still use them and they should.

The Women's Division - There are so many. Let's see, there is Trish Stratus, Lita, Amy Webber, Dawn Marie, Molly Holly, Joy Giovanni, and Stacy Keibler. There are many more in the indy promotions, but that would make just way too much. Yes Trish and Lita are retired, but they can come back to wrestling and go to TNA with the less hectic schedule. Some of these divas aren't great wrestlers, but that doesn't matter. If you put together Christy Hemme, Gail Kim, Lita, Molly Holly, and Trish Stratus you would have a pretty good women's division base. Then the others can be used as eye-candy.

Orlando Jordan - Depends on how TNA WANTS to use him. He could be a squash wrestler or he could be a good contender to the World title. It's TNA's choice.

Billy Kidman - Billy Kidman has been cruiserweight titles and tag title a number of times each. He has even had experience with Raven and his flock, which is where I think that they should put him. The new Serotonin would be great for Kidman. Of course, so would the X-Division.

Maven - Combine high-flying with strength and ground base move sets and you get Maven. He is a great competitor for any division.

X-Pac or Sean Waltman - He has been in TNA a good number of times and has good matches in TNA, but he needs to go back and show off his high-flying style he did back in the DX and nWo days. Any division is good for this guy.

Chris Jericho - Of course this guy would be on my list. He is in my mind, one of the greatest talkers ever. He could sure cut a promo and then completely back it up in the ring with his wrestling skill. It was amazing. He was the complete package. He can come TNA and win the title in like three months just like Christian Cage did. He can even reform their little tag team or rivalry that they had in WWE. That would sure be great.

And finally in a perfect world- Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar, and I know I'm going to hear it from this one, but even Goldberg. Having these guys could boost ratings. Having any one of these guys could boost ratings.

Thanks for reading my first column here at OWW and I hope to get good feedback from you guys.

by Jose Brocero..

Rob Finney wrote:
I like some of the names you've mentioned (Tajiri, Ultimo Dragon, Psciosis, Juventud Guerrera) but not for the reasons you've mentioned. It seems like these guys were your favourite wrestlers in WWE - and your pissed that they got released.

I think that while TNA can benefit from signing some WWE rejects - it needs to fit with their "Total Non-Stop Action" image - and people like Orlando Jordan just don't fit that image. TNA need to be wary of turning into the new WCW - just signing WWE rejects - a great (well, awful!) example is Tyson Tomko - in WWE - Christian's bitch - in TNA - Christian's bitch. Seen it before, wasn't succesful first time round - so why do it again"

Other thing is that out of the women you mentioned (Trish Stratus, Lita, Amy Webber, Dawn Marie, Molly Holly, Joy Giovanni, and Stacy Keibler) only Molly Holly (to my knowledge) is still wrestling. Trish and Lita have retired, as has Stacey, Dawn Marie is looking after her new baby, and Joy and Amy were never wrestlers - they were models.

I think TNA could benefit from a big name star joining - but for my money - only Y2J fits their image.
Matt D. wrote: first off, good artical, I however, have some major disagrements Psicosis, Juvatude, Kash, Kidmen, OJ, Tajiri, The Heart Throbs, half those guys were released for attitude problems or other reasons. Look at that list, all high-flyers for the most part. The thing with TNA is that they do not have a mid-tier card good enough for most of those guys, and they'd be reduced to X-Division Jobbers, losing to Styles, Sabin and Daniels night in night out. And unless Kash would be paired with Hoyt again, the same goes for him. I doubt that would happen though, since TNA feels like killing most of their good tag teams as of late, Team Canada, AMW, Styles/Daniels, etc.

Then we have others who might look for work and won't get it, that being Rhodes, The Extremists, and the human-rat wonder, Sean Waltmen. Ok, I could see Waltmen going back to TNA, again, but he never does crap there and it'd be a waste to begin with. TNA simply doesn't want old WWE rejects, unless its VKM, they want newer WWE rejects.

The divas, now I'd love to see the legit wrestlers go to TNA, Molly, Ivory, you know the ones who can wrestle. TNA doesn't need to follow WWE and hire crap divas who just waste money, Joy, Stacey, Amy, etc. Last I checked both Lita and Trish had retired to get out of wrestling for a while, maybe...

Last, we have the god himself, Chris Jericho. Now we know Fozzy had "Enemy" played prior to BFG, but you know why Jericho didn't show up himself" He wants to stay good with WWE. Jericho has stated time and time again, that he'd like to return to WWE if and when he does get back in wrestling. So yeah, that dream is as hopefully as BG and Kip going back to WWE and joining DX....
Jesse Lee wrote:
That's all fine about how they're all free agents and COULD go to TNA. However, plenty of the people you mentioned had interests in places other than wrestling. Tajiri's living at home now and wrestles in puroresu. He's got enough money to live by and last i heard, he became a writer. According to Lance Storm, Chris Jericho is perfect happy with where his life is right now and doesn't intend to return anytime soon other than maybe one night gigs or something.

Many others you mentioned won't come in unless there was decent payoff to what they're used to. TNA isn't in position to do this (refer to this page ) Sure, they can bring in a few huge stars here and there, but I doubt it'll be long enough to keep fans interested.

OVerall, you made a good point in your column. While it did lack in absolute detail of how TNA could afford some of the names you mentioned and how it would make the TNA originals feel, it would be a great addition to their roster.
Jon Petrosky wrote:
This how I see TNA. I put it on three different Levels. Like When TNA first started It was at a ECW level. Where The Company was loyal to there Fans. They Built there Bond. Remember when Paul Heyman Said " ECW had a bond with the Fan that no one copy" I believe if anyone can do it, It's TNa. I mean I remember when Rey was in the Crowds and he handed a fan a chair. WWE would never do that. Then at Hardcore Homecoming. When the Fans through the Chairs at the Ring. Then There is The WCW Level Where there just going to Bring in how ever Star that the fan want to see. I Dont know why everyone Hate WCW so much. I saw a Column Praising ECW. But what about the Star WCW brought in. HHH, The Undertaker, Made Sting Famous, Goldberg. etc. Even though WCW went down hard. But in the end WCW brought in a NEw brand of wrestling as well. They had like a Championship for everyone Star. like The world Heavy weight title, The Us title, The TV Title, The Hardcore, Title, The Tag team title, The tag team Crusier Weight Title, and the Crusier weight Title. I Think WCW diserves Alot more Credit then people are givening them. Now the thrid level is WWE level. Where they will dominate. But I really Dont want to TNA compete with WWE. at least not because of What wrestlers they have. I want them to Compete with who has the best Wrestling and Matches. Good think about TNA is they get through there Storylines real guick and then there Down. They move on.

Anyway on the Free agents thing. I Think that TNA has Enough Wrestlers now. OR at least famous star Power. I think TNA Should Start Bringing in there own Wrestlers. Since TNA is New and its a NEw Generation. I think TNA should start inventing There own NEw Wrestler that have never been seen before. Runt has opened up a new wrestling School. Maybe TNA could use his school to bring TNA Newer Fresher Wrestlers. Thanks you.
Trenton wrote:
I like your ideas and thoughts but the only likely person/people to probability come to TNA would be

1. The Heart Throbs -- I would hate the idea of them joining TNA but if the got a good storyline and if TNA could/would train them then they could probability be contenders for the Tag Team Titles. Just as long as "The Heart Throbs" NEVER and I say NEVER use that gimmick EVER again. But I don't know if they would be any good for TNA really...

2. Dustin Rhodes/Goldust -- Now for this guy yes I would like to see him join TNA as Goldust, cause Goldust is a Storyline that could Probability sell in TNA. Also I like Goldust as long as he is neither a heel or face but a in-be-teenier. Like Kurt Angle.

3. Billy Kidman -- He would be a great addition to TNA's X-Division. He MAY even be good enough for a World Title shot but that's after a year or two, So that he would not look like a guy TNA pushed without giving any thought to.

4.Ultimo Dragon -- This guy is perfect for TNA. He is high-flying and action packed. He would/could be a major X-Division star, just as long as TNA stops that Kevin Nash waste of time stuff. If VKM wants to declare war on something that takes "dumb to the extreme" then that would be something to declare war on.

And if TNA wants to work with some people and fix their attitudes then these would be the people

5. Maven -- Needs to be more trained

6. Kid Kash - If TNA can fix his attitude, join TNECW with Heyman.

7. Juventud Guerrera -- If TNA can fix his attitude and train him more, and he can join LAX, join TNECW with Heyman.

8. Psicosis -- If he stops stealing cars and if TNA can fix his attitude, and he can join LAX also, or join TNECW with Heyman.

9. X-Pac -- He needs to stop the drugs and the attitude.

Now if TNA gets lots of money from Spike TV and if TNA gets lucky.

1. Chris Jericho -- Do I even need to talk about Y2J"

2. Brock Lesnar -- He needs to stop acting like a little baby.

3. Goldberg -- He needs to be re-trained, a-lot....

Now these are on the OWWs Recently fired from WWE list, that could be good for TNA. Also these are the ones that are probability most likely to go to TNA

1. Ted Debiase -- TNA should do like what they did to Jeff Jarrett and make him a writer and a World Title/Main Eventing star. Also TNA hired Sting why not this guy, and TNA needs to either make use or fire Scott Steiner.

2. Road Warrior Animal -- They could either hire him and make him a writer and a not so many appearances, Main Eventer.

3. John Heidenreich -- They could reform L.O.D with Animal and Heidenreich, and they could be a main Tag Team.

4. Kenzo Suzuki with Hiroko Suzuki (His Wife) -- This would add a star to The X-Division or tag teaming with Senshi to be a main high flying Japanese tag team.

5. Rosey -- He and Norman Smiley or Primetime or Chase Stevens could reform a Superhero tag team. To be another main tag team (Cause right Now TNA seems to think that its fun to kill your Main Tag Teams)

6. Maybe....Just Maybe Marty Jannetty -- Cause he could be the manager of The Heart Throbs (Not as The Heart Throbs) and be like The Rockers or something. He could also be a writer for TNA.

7. Mark Jindrak -- Needs to be trained to be a high flyer but could be a good mid-carder.

8. Matt Morgan -- Same as Jindrak

9. Luther Reigns -- Same as Jindrak

10. Daniel Puder -- Same as Jindrak, and he Luther, Matt, Maven, and Mark could reform a team. That their gimmick is that they fight like UFC fighters do.

11. Paul Heyman -- If TNA dose hire some former ECW originals then he could be the leader of Totally. Non-Stop. Extreme. Championship. Wrestling or TNECW

12. Kid Kash -- Attitude change is needed, join TNECW with Heyman.

13. Justin Credible -- join TNECW with Heyman.

14. Danny Doring -- join TNECW with Heyman.

15. Francine -- She says she is retired but she can work for TNA cause they tape like 4 or 5 shows at a time, join TNECW with Heyman.

16. Johnny Parisi -- join TNECW

17. Gunner Scott -- Looked good on SmackDown so why not TNA
Niall Walker wrote:
I think TNA should stay well away from the policy of hiring more released WWE talent. Right now the top tier (and a good part of the tag team division) of TNA consists of wrestlers who have made their names in other major promotions. Kurt Angle, Sting, Christian Cage, Team 3D, VKM, Ron "K-Kwik" Killings, Raven and Rhino are the best examples. Now most of these men have been accepted and respected by the TNA fans and are, infact, opening the promotion to broader fanbases but it would be reckless to sacrifice what has made TNA as popular as it is today for WWE(or WCW) starpower. The fans watch TNA to see something different, another side and approach to wrestling. Part of this should include former stars who evoke our nostalgia or guys from other promotions who've been used poorly, but at it's centre it should still deliver new wrestling. Men (and women) off the independent scene, Japan or Mexico with gimmicks and styles we've not seen before.

If TNA wants to add to it's roster I suggest hiring a few more guys from ROH or from overseas, there must be plenty of young Japanese, Mexican or European wrestlers who'd love to get a start in the U.S.

I thought I'd add that I think you're idea of TNA bringing in Ultimo Dragon would be awesome. Ultimo has been one of my favourite wrestlers since I watched WCW as a kid, and TNA could be the promotion in America to finally do him justice.
Sam Dorsey wrote:
There are a lot good reason these people are not in TNA. The main two is that they work for other promotions/ retired. The second reason is that TNA does not want them. Many of them (eg. Jeventud, psicosis, kid kash) were bad news backstage. Sure they can all wrestle, but does TNA really want to deal with the migrane of all these whiners constantly? Most of these people aren't in TNA for good reasons that none of us will ever know

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